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What is the best cat tracker in the UK?

Find the Best Cat Tracker and stress no more!

Being cat-lovers, like so many other people we fear that one day our cats won’t come back home. It’s happened to us. A few years ago our white Maine Coon (Charlie) went out one day as usual and didn’t come back. We feared the worst as it was very unlike him to not return for his evening meal of microwaved fish. We immediately went out and started looking for him and calling his name around the surrounding area. The first night went without success and our fears deepened and our mood darkened.

A Long Night…

The next day I worked from home but remember spending most of the day walking up and down the surrounding roads calling him. We created a one-page ‘lost’ document in MS Word and posted it through letterboxes on day 2, no calls came in and as it was so out of character we were fearing the worst. Day 3 and I again strolled around the local area calling his name, hopeful that he might respond but expecting nothing.


Then finally, it happened. I heard a pathetic cry from one of the garages as I walked past calling him. I approached it and called him again, he responded! I knocked on the door but no response, the owner was obviously out. It was late afternoon and by chance, we happened to know someone who knew the owners. They called them and when they came back they opened the garage and out he ran! He was feeling a bit sorry for himself for an hour or two, and quite thirsty (he didn’t waste time with a bowl, drinking directly from the tap) but was soon back to normal.

I don’t think he would’ve lasted another 24 hours.

It’s NOT unusual (unfortunately)

My point is, this must happen all the time, surely? We consider ourselves lucky that it’s only happened just the once. Also, lucky that we got Charlie home. Back then, we didn’t have the options that are available to us now. We opted after this event for something called a trackr but it wasn’t great. Small range and not good with obstacles in the way. So basically it was only of use if you lost your cat in a desert 🙂 – I actually think it probably wouldn’t have worked if he got himself trapped again in the same garage but we had to do something. It’s different these days though and this is the theme of this post. Let’s have a look at what’s available now.

Paby GPS Pet Tracker

It’s not only us that thinks the Paby GPS is good, other reviews suggest the opinion is shared. Real-time tracking using GPS and wifi and also has the capability to use 3G, a strong contender for you to look no further basically. I don’t usually put the best at the top and this isn’t the ‘best 5’ etc. but this is a really good device and not only that, it’s pretty cheap!

It should be said that you do need a take out a subscription to use this device, this isn’t abnormal though and doesn’t cost a great deal:

Take from their website, here are the current costs (I know the currency is USD but it’s comparable so I’ve left it in)

Only 3.99USD/month, if you pay for the half year, It is only 3.49 USD/month, if you pay for one year, only 2.99 USD/Month.


Girafus Cat Tracker

The Girafus Cat Tracker is quite capable also, quite light and a range of up to 1600 feet although half that typically with obstacles, which is still pretty good. What I like about the Girafus though is the size, possibly one of the smallest on the market at only 4.2 grams. Possibly, the best cat tracker.

cat tracker

There’s not a lot of information on YouTube but you can get a feel for a size with the below:

Weenect Cat GPS Tracker

cat tracker

So is range a factor when buying a tracker? Then remove the problem by taking away the restriction of distance, the Weenect GPS tracker has an infinite range! Well, not infinite. If for instance, your cat had somehow managed to find themselves on Morgrath 16 (a planet on the outskirts of the Nortoth Mining cluster) then you may struggle. If your cat is on the planet Earth though, you’re in luck.

They also have a pretty cool website, check them out here:

Petpointer 15090


The Petpointer 15090 tracker has GPS – very accurate but like a lot of these devices, there is a subscription involved for the data service. Taken from their website, their current subscription costs are:

No contract – everything is very simple! You buy either 6, 12 or 24 months by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). The service fee is 6.95 € per month for 6 months (= 41.70 €), and 5.45 € for 12 months (= 65.40 €) and 3.95 € per month for 24 months (= 94.80 €).

These guys have gone to the trouble of creating an instructional video on YouTube, which you can find below:

Futureway Mini GPS Pet Tracking

pet tracker

The Futureway GPS pet tracker has some nice features:

  • – real-time tracking
    – history
    – remote shutdown
    – alarm message
    – battery power display

Also, it has the bonus of being quite light and is also waterproof! So, if your cat likes to jump into puddles (like my son) then you don’t have to worry about damaging the device. You only have to worry about muddy paw-prints on your nice new carpet.

Kippy Vita S


The Kippy Vita S is another good quality tracker but as it’s slightly heavier than others it’s for the heavier cat. Maybe a Lion. Joking aside, it’s worth checking out. The best cat tracker? Maybe not, but it depends on the type of cat you have. However, the pet tracker updates the location of your pet every 4 seconds, so you can monitor them with near real-time tracking!

There’s a video on YouTube so you can check it out yourself here:


Don’t wait until one of them goes missing before pulling the trigger and thinking of buying something. It’s like buying a dashcam 15 minutes after a 30 car pile up, no use. Have a think as to what you want and whether you’re okay paying for a monthly data subscription and then just get one. You won’t regret it! Find and buy the best cat tracker in the UK today. One other thing, there’s a great article here about how long cats go missing for, do check it out!

p.s. Harry (Charlie’s brother) was very happy we eventually found him 🙂

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