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Do SAD lights work?

Do they or Don’t they – Do SAD lights work?

SAD (or Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a form of depression that is seasonal, as in it typically can occur during Autumn and Winter months (basically, when it gets dark out early!). Often, sufferers will get up before the Sun has risen, work all day and by the time they leave for the day, it’s dark again. It has been said that SAD lights can provide a treatment for this. So, what are SAD lights and do SAD lights work?

The idea behind SAD lighting therapy is that the light emitted from the device simulates the light coming from the Sun. You may think that a light is a light, but you’d be wrong. Our star doesn’t just emit white light, it emits the whole spectrum of colours, which when combined, appear as white. The SAD device needs to produce a light with at least an intensity of ~2,500 lux.

You shouldn’t just plonk it in front of you though and have it on throughout the day. Typically, for SAD treatment to work, the device should be placed so it is not in your direct vision. Different devices will have different distances and treatment times so you should read the instructions to find out the detail. You can also get a blue wavelength light, this would typically require even less treatment time.

Be careful about using them during the evening. It may cause you to become active just at the time when you should becoming drowsy and could cause sleep problems. Work out what works for you but typically, using them in the morning works better than in the late afternoon or evening.

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