Five Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Her

Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Her – Our Suggestions

If you’re stuck for ideas for your loved one then you’re not alone. It doesn’t really matter how much it costs, it is (as they say), the thought that counts. If you can demonstrate that you’ve put that extra little bit of effort in then you’ll be in her good books for quite literally, hours. Anyway, here are five thoughtful anniversary gifts for ‘her’ for your anniversary or perhaps any occasion.

It’s not that difficult to stand out from the crowd really. There’s so much choice these days, arguably too much choice. You’ve got to find something just a little bit different. Anniversaries can be a stressful time if you leave things late, so don’t. Get it done nice and early so you’re not panicking in the last few days leading up to the special day.  We’ve taken a look around and have come up with the below ideas for you, they’re in no particular order – just pick one you like and boom! Job done. Or even better, buy them all!

Follow these simple steps and then have a look at our ideas:

  1. Set a reminder in your calendar to remind you about the occasion 3 weeks in advance (you need a bit of time in case you order something that takes longer to arrive or even worse, doesn’t turn up at all)
  2. Find the Gifts (the difficult bit and why you’re here) – you can do this just by using Google, YouTube and Amazon typically. This point should take no longer than one week!
  3. With 1-2 weeks left you should have ordered and received the gifts, wrap them with a week to spare – you’ll feel great doing this with so much time to spare.
  4. The last week – find the card and write something nice in it, get some nice things in for the date itself.
  5. The Anniversary – everything’s done, enjoy it!



Be Different

You Are Awesome

So, here we go then – want her to know how awesome she is every time she eats her breakfast? Surely, when she tucks into her coco-pops she’ll think ‘mmm how thoughtful my favourite man is (this is you) – what a great anniversary present.’. This will definitely happen. Yes, it’s a spoon. Okay, so it may not be a Tiffany necklace but remember, this isn’t what we’re doing here. We’re trying to be thoughtful and looking for gifts that are just a little bit different. Manufactured using the highest quality of steel, the stainless variety, this spoon will show her the man she’s chosen is just a little bit different. Hopefully in a good way, right?





Ten Reasons why I Love You


How about something a little more personal? Put your thoughts down on paper and present her with this lovely handcrafted gift. Compile your most sincere feelings for her on these hand-rolled pieces of sturdy paper which are wrapped in gold. This product is handmade and quite unique, it is unlikely she’ll know anyone else with one of these. Of course, not everyone is into this kind of stuff, maybe a bit too soppy for her? Then remove the notes and fill with gin. Or ice cream!

10 reasons


Personalised Cushion Cover

Remind your loved-one whenever she sits down to watch Eastenders on TV, with your very own personalised cushion cover. You can put the date you first met, wedding anniversary, birthday, whatever. Also, you can put a little note on the bottom, maybe your names or her favourite lyrics.

Time Travelling Super-Human

Alternatively, make her think you’re a time-traveller by putting a date on that’s in the future, informing her that was the day that you got married. Her love for you will surely only grow knowing you have some kind of time-travelling super-power. Or, she may leave you. It’s a risk, admittedly, but one that we here think is worth taking. Another suggestion is to buy two, one for her with her birthday on and another with your birthday on. Then you can have personalised cushion-battles, just don’t try too hard to win!





Wood Scrapbook

Expressing your love and affection doesn’t have to cost you the Earth. Remember, as we said earlier, it’s the thought that counts. Dig out all your old photos of both of you together with the occasional accompanying note with this fantastic hardwood covered scrapbook. Try not to include the ones where you have your arm around your ex-girlfriend, that won’t go down too well.

When I say it doesn’t have to cost the Earth, there’s no reason to actually let her in on how much this cost. It would spoil the thought for her so maybe just say you can’t remember but it was less than £500. Which is correct of course.



Bath Bombs


Everyone likes bath bombs right? Not our most inventive product perhaps but it’s almost a must-have. Us blokes might not admit it openly but remember we can pretend they’re depth charges when she’s not looking. Ever see the film ‘The Dambusters‘? I imagine if you put a bit of spin on these bath bombs and perhaps made a ‘dam’ out of a few flannels you could re-enact the scene where the bombs actually hit the dam. I should point out that I haven’t tried this though, definitely definitely not.  Joking aside, how can anyone not like these?


Don’t do the simple option…

I hope you liked these ideas, remember – spend more time on the thought and doing something different than earning enough money to buy her something she doesn’t really want. Make it personal, don’t do what everyone else does and go for the chocolates and flowers – it’s the easy option. Never take the easy option, look for the thoughtful anniversary gifts and don’t skimp!

Don’t like any of these ideas? There are a few YouTube videos you might want to check out also, perhaps try this one:

Just remember, be different, be original and be you!


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