‘Geek Online Store’ – why?

Are you a bit geeky? Of course you are, read on.

Some people have asked us in recent times why our site seems to have a rather strong emphasis on the ‘Geek Online Store’ sort of things. Well, they say you should do what you know best, so I guess that’s why. Back in the early 80’s I was gifted my first computer by my Mum and Dad, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K. It was awesome. I played a lot of games and did a bit of programming, not that you could really call it that I suppose but it was fun all the same. I then progressed through the usual route of home computers (Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and the Amiga) before finally buying a PC. Some things never change and now, 35 years later I’m still looking on Amazon for the best gadgets.


So, as I was feeling particularly geeky and not particular interested in Silent Witness that’s on TV at the moment, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite geeky gadgets that I’ve found on Amazon recently, now added to my Geek Online Store.

I’ll start off with what really kicked things off in the first place for me, well kind of. The Spectrum Vega console. It might not look as good as the original and it might not be the original. It also might not be the best, but it is Spectrumy (is that a word?). You can’t beat the original and waiting 5 minutes for a game to load before it crashes a second before it should finish.

I would imagine that probably about 1 in a 1000 people would understand what this t-shirt is about, hands-up who remembers Chuckie Egg? Go on, I dare you to show your other half what that’s about, bet you they don’t get it!


For those who grew up in the 70’s, you’ll be familiar with the old Atari Consoles. It’s weird with these old consoles. You want one, so you buy one. Then you play with it. Then you wonder why you bought it. I’m going to get one of these.Right, that’s enough of the retro computer scene. I mean, I could go on forever. But I literally wouldn’t stop writing and my Geek Online Store would need to have a dedicated server room so I’d have enough storage just to house all my geeky products. I used to wear a bright white jacket with a massive Commodore emblem on the back, I thought it was awesome. Might explain why I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time. Kind of surprised I’m married now if I’m honest!

Moving on, I bought one of these. It’s a completely useless box, quite literally. You flick a switch and a mechanism inside the box is then activated, which turns it off. That’s it. I have one on my desk at work, people flick the switch and then when it flicks itself off again, they just look at me, a bit oddly.

So, do you like Star Wars? Yes? Well, do you additionally like things that magically levitate? Of course you do. We all do. So you must check out this levitating Death Star. The fun does not stop there though, although it could as that would surely keep you entertained for literally weeks. But no, it is also a speaker <gasp>.  It’s not cheap but then nor would the actual Death Star be. So there, perfect sense, somehow. Check it out.



I’m not a massive fan of these t-shirts with funny images and text on them. Saying that, here’s a particularly funny t-shirt, with an image and text on it. It’s hilarious though, you could wear that every single day and the same people who saw you would burst out laughing, every single time. Absolutely guaranteed, I imagine. Also available in different colours. I’m buying one of these.





Enjoy a bit of cooking but feel somewhat lost whilst in the kitchen and unable to access your geek toys? Then turn that frown upside down because this is surely the product for you. It’s a chopping board! No, hang on, it’s a motherboard! No – stop, it’s a chopping board! No, it’s a…well it’s both. It’s a picture of a motherboard with some tough stuff on the top of it. I wish it was a real motherboard but this is still pretty cool.

One last thing before I get a cup of tea. It might be quite pricey but it combines the old(ish) with the new(ish). It’s a record player that you plug in to your USB port. These things sell out quick but worth checking out if you’ve got loads of old LP’s lying around and no turntable to play them on!

Right, that’s it – thanks for coming to visit my Geek Online Store!

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