Gifts for your Geeky Boyfriend

Stuck trying to think for an idea for your geeky other-half? Then check out these 5 Gifts for your Geeky Boyfriend!



5 – Paper Airplane – Phone-controlled with FPV

A Paper Airplane – with a difference! Fly your plane and watch the video, both using your phone! A massive 300ft range is impressive for this little thing. Take a look here. If you get him this he’ll almost definitely lose it within 5 minutes, then he’ll feel guilty for losing the present you got him and will definitely ‘owe you’.


4 – LED Toilet Seat

Well, ok – maybe this one will help you out also. Tired of your boyfriend going for a pee in the dark and, errr, missing? They will miss no-more with this LED toilet seat. Look at all the pretty colours! I like the orange. The red colour looks a bit red-light district.


3 – Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Ok, we loved this one. Number 3 on the Geeky Gifts list. Not only will it keep your loved one’s head nice and warm in the colder months, it’s also got Bluetooth stereo speaker headphones! What? Yes, I know, awesome, right? A healthy 33 feet range and the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology, your boyfriend will owe you big time for this one. You’re welcome.


2 – Rolex Watch-Movement Cufflinks

I’m only not putting this one at number 1 because of the cost. Which is rather a lot. And also because the no. 1 item is so awesome. These Rolex Watch movement cuff links may be £2350 but they’re worth every penny. Well, ok – maybe not, but look at them! Look at all the bits and stuff inside, those little cogs and things probably took someone ages to put together.


1 – Viking Horn Tankard

There is surely nothing more special, nothing more sacred, nothing more pleasing to man, than his beer. Therefore, the vessel from which he drinketh should be viewed with equal regard. You buy your boyfriend this and you will form a bond like no other human can. You will be ‘one’ with him, and his beer. This Viking Horn Tankard is hand-made so each is unique, it has a flat bottom to keep it from falling over in the unlikely event of your other half putting it down. Buy this immediately and cement your relationship like no words could ever achieve.


So, there you have it. I would love it if anyone bought me any of the above (hint hint)! Five gifts for your geeky boyfriend – done!

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