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Progress = Lap Trays with Cushions

It wasn’t always like this of course. I remember growing up as a kid, things were different. Dinner time meant sitting around a table with the family, polite conversation and no permission to leave until the plate was clean and all family members had completed dinner. I don’t know when things changed. Was it better back then? Hell no. In the same way that when I started work 30 years ago I had to wear a suit and tie, now I wear jeans and a t-shirt. I’m happier because I’m more relaxed. I am going to get to lap trays with cushions shortly by the way.

These days my son has his dinner upstairs whilst playing with his friends on the PS4. My wife and I will have ours in the living room whilst watching some crap on tv, checking our phones and talking about our respective days at work. What’s wrong with that? We’re multi-tasking. Everyone’s doing what they want and everyone’s happy, makes for a more pleasant existence, don’t you think? Anyway, if you want to be like me and not have to stress about anything ever again (err) then get yourself a Lap Tray with Cushion, everything will be alright forever.


Here are three of my favourite Lap Trays with cushions, what do you think? My wife likes this one for some reason:

Set Of 2 Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Bean Bag Base Padded Lap Tray Bed Serving


My son likes this one:

KICO Lol Emoticon Emoji Cushion Lap Tray


…and I like this one:

Lap Tray Serving Bean Bag TV Bed Soft Cushion Padded His Lordship & Her Ladyship


So, there you go – a bit of a fun post I know, nothing serious. They haven’t made my perfect lap tray as yet. This would include a battery charger, massager and built-in cash machine. Lap Trays with Cushion – the answer to all your problems.


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