How to spoil your dog

Dear dog lovers,

A recent study has suggested that people love their dogs more than other humans. Can this really be true?

Most people see their dog not as a pet but as a member of the family.  Our cousin certainly supports this argument. She and her husband treat their cockapoo like a baby. They celebrate his birthdays with lovingly wrapped presents, and Christmas sees him receive a stash that would render the most spoilt of children green with envy. Cousin and her hubby are now expecting their first ‘human’ baby so when she posted a photo of her dog in a soppy Christmas turkey hat (looking suitably unimpressed), we jested with her that this would be his last Christmas as an only child.

So, how can you spoil your favourite member of the family? Here are a few ideas…

You know how your dog likes to sneak on to your sofa the moment your back is turned? (Ours used to hop through the serving hatch when we were out and return to the kitchen before we got home, leaving us wondering how on Earth the sofa became so hairy all the time – we crept in quietly one night and caught her red-pawed.) Well, now you can buy a proper doggy sofa to grace your living room. Who wouldn’t give this Union Jack beddy-byes pride-of-place next to their treasured Chesterfield?

Does your dog hate the rain? There you are snuggly, warm and dry in your Superdry and Hunter wellies under your big umbrella, whilst your canine companion trails behind, tail between his legs, soaked to the skin. This can be a thing of the past with this full-body coat.  It’s waterproof, windproof and reflective; what more could a dog ask for?

We live in a rural area and not a week goes by without a ‘have you seen this dog, last seen chasing a deer/rabbit/nothing in particular, towards the woods’ post. The errant dog finally shows its face once it is satisfied that half the village has spent the best part of the day hunting high and low for it. Put an end to all this nonsense and worry by adding a GPS tag to their collar.  This one is described as ‘compact, accurate, discreet and reliable’, and with a mobile app on your smartphone, you can check their live position anywhere, anytime.

If you’d like to know what the best dog-based apps are then do check out this article which nicely sumarises it all in one article!

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