1980’s sweets – Get them back into your life here!


1980s Sweets – It’s time to get them back!

I love sweets. Is that wrong as I’m in my 40’s?  Actually, I should really apologise to my 11-year-old son for using him as an excuse to buy them online.”I just need to try them to make sure they’re ok”, I would say. He doesn’t fall for it, not anymore. Not since the Jelly Babies debacle, I won’t get into that here though.

They seem different now though. Maybe it was the E-numbers, maybe it was just something about that generation. But surely, 1980’s sweets were the best? When my son fills a bag of pick’n’mix I hover above him slipping in Refreshers and Drumstick lollies with strict instructions to save them for me. I usually have to wrestle them from him when we get home…

So, I started to look online to find a better quality sweet, from the decade of sweets, yes the 1980’s. So, check this out – when I spotted this jar of goodies, I had to have it. I always manage to justify my decisions, usually, it’s because I’m trying to educate my son on a period of history, now gone.

A jar of 1980's sweets

Above: A big jar of 1980’s sweets, yesterday.

Now, chewy sweets can play havoc with your fillings, which you probably have because you ate too many sweets in the 80s… so chomp carefully. Or, just chew the 80’s sweets in one corner of your mouth. It will be a good experiment. Chew 1980’s sweets in the right-side of your mouth and ‘normal’ sweets on your left side. After five years of doing this, please report back with your findings. I’d do it of course but my memory is appaling and I’d screw it up.

Here’s an idea. If you have a kids party coming up, here’s a great selection to fill the goody bags with. The kids may just stare at you for a little bit, looking somewhat confused at the strange colours and interesting names. There must be something for everyone in this bumper box (plus enough for you of course). Who can resist the sherbet centre of a flying saucer? And there’s nothing more nostalgic than a soggy string of sticky edible beads stuck to your neck…

A massive load of 1980’s sweets, two days ago.

If you know (or live with as I do) a geeky 80s gamer who was (and probably still is) into Spectrum ZX then this might just be the perfect gift for them. You might want to order one for yourself too in case of sweet sharing issues. I’m not sure what they’ll like best actually, thinking about it. Maybe the Speccy mug.

Two retro mugs, mysteriously filled with 1980’s sweets two hours ago.

I hope your mouths are watering. Mine isn’t as I’ve just had dinner. Spaghetti Bolognaise. I shouldn’t be allowed to eat this actually as I have a habit of losing about a third down my top, which is usually white for some reason when I’m eating this meal.

We’re not alone though, a quick search on google for “1980’s sweets” yields about a million results, you’ll probably have noticed that this post is near the top. I like Google and Google like’s me and there’s a rumour that Google also likes 1980s sweets. This is currently unconfirmed.  There are even dedicated shops just for 1980s sweets now, did you know that? I didn’t. I just Googled it. It makes me wonder actually if, in 40 years time, today’s generation will long for sweets from the 2010’s. What a ridiculous idea. The sweets of today are crap. Fact.

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